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All of my clients are automatically enrolled in Mortgages Under Management

This is a complimentary program that brings together my experienced staff and comprehensive reporting tools that establishes a future rate target to ensure my client always has the best mortgage terms and they are never overpaying for their mortgage. I manage their mortgage terms for the entire life of your loan. Currently, we actively manage over $1 Billion in mortgages.

Who’s managing your mortgage? Not a Client yet?  No problem.

Regardless of where your loan was originated, you can still enroll in my Mortgages Under Management program by clicking below and answering 4 easy questions.  I will “adopt your loan”, actively manage your mortgage for the entire life of your loan, and alert you when I can improve your mortgage terms. Your mortgage is likely your largest debt and liability.  Even small changes in rate can have a huge monetary impact over the life of your loan resulting in the lowest-cost financing solution for your specific situation.  Someone should be managing your mortgage. Allow me to.

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