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Trade Up

Through our valued partnership, Celebrity Home Loans can help provide flexibility when you want to move into a new home! Trade Up is for those who want flexibility when transitioning into their new home. This program is available on up to $2 million purchase price on any loan type, pending clearance from underwriting.

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How You'll Benefit

  • Buy with Cash: Become a cash buyer with no contingencies. Cash offers are 3x more likely to win.
  • Purchase with Confidence:  Secure your dream home when it hits the market and in half the time of a typical financed offer.
  • Move Only Once:  No hassle of moving twice. Move directly into your new home before selling your old home.

Trade Up in 3 Steps

  • Get Pre-Approved:  Get fully underwritten and pre-approved for a new home loan to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Our Partner Buys Your New Home, You Move In: Our valued partner provides a winning all-cash offer on your dream home, purchases it, and then they rent it back to you until your old home sells.
  • List & Sell Your Old Home: Once the old home is sold, you’ll be ready to purchase your new home from our partner.
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